HG2014 application as high temperature flame screen for dissociation of CO2, SO2, NOx and HP


Basic characteristics:

Completely safe operation of the installation due to:

• the required quantity of HHO for each specific installation is produced in real time without any storage process

• working pressure inside the installation is lower than 200Mlb during operation

• working temperature inside the installation during operation is lower than 50°C under normal atmosphere conditions


Revolutionary ecological effect:

• HG2014 can operate with any kind of water, including waste water

• HG2014 significantly reduces CO2, SO2, NOx, NOx2 emissions and HP


Complete control of operation:

The operation of HG2014 is controlled by sophisticated ECU developed by HYDROGENICA CORPORATION ensuring full time operation under parameters set in accordance with installation’s specification.


Background of the application:

• With more than 1 600 GW of installed generation capacity in 2010 according to IEA analyses the global coal‐fired power plant fleet accounts for more than 8.5 Gigatonnes (Gt) of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions each year. Over the last five years, capacity additions experienced record‐ growth of more than 350 GW. Further, energy scenarios by the International Energy Agency (IEA) expect an additional 1 000 GW by 2035.

• In order to achieve deep cuts in worldwide CO2 emissions, lowest‐cost scenarios suggest that nearly all new‐build fossil‐fuel power plants need to be equipped with CCS in the coming decades. In addition, CCS equipment would need to be added to the already installed global fleet of fossil‐ fuel power plants.



• High Temperature Flame Screen Technology developed by HYDROGENICA CORPORATION provides high scale dissociation of CO2 emissions.

• The dissociation of carbon dioxide at very high temperatures has been determined by Bjerrum, by an explosive method, to be as follows:



• HG2014 installation’s flame screen generates the highest temperatures for dissociation of CO2 shown in the table above.

• Furthermore the HHO produced by the system can be used like additional or/and reserve fuel into the secondary burning cycle of a fossil fuel power plant.

• The HG2014 installation also provides significant decrease in SO2, CO and HP emissions.

• A power supply unit designed by HYDROGENICA CORPORATION to match the specifics of HG2014 is added to each module.

• In order to further improve the results achieved in our laboratory HYDROGENICA CORPORATION built a small industrial coal fired installation to ensure the closest possible match with the real time operation of the coal fired power plant.

• Now we are confident that by using HG2014 installation we are able to accomplish significant reduction of the emissions including NOx and reaching a flame temperatures 3200° – 3500°.

The quantity of heat generated in the process is sufficient to produce 3 times more energy than the needs of HG2014 installation and the surplus is to be sold on the market providing significant increase in the revenues.


ECU functions:

       - Controls, stabilizes and monitors the electricity consumption.

       - Modulates the electricity current.

       - Monitors catalytic fluid level.

       - Controls the pumps for filling catalytic fluid from the additional tank to the basic tank of the generator.

       - Monitors catalytic fluid temperature.

       - Automatically starts and stops the electricity supply in accordance with the parameters set.

       - Controls the cooling system.

       - Automatically stops the operation of HG2014 upon deviation of parameters set.

       - All data is automatically recorded full time.

All parameters can be set automatically or manually.

Full synchronization with any type of ECU of existing installations by installing additional translation device.






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