HYDROGENICA CORPORATION LTD was established for the sole purpose of developing hydrogen-hybrid technology HG2014.

Our aim is to constantly improve the everyday life of humanity by providing clean and affordable energy for everyone.

As of today we spent more than ten years developing a totally new and revolutionary technology which gives a new look at the opportunity for safe and efficient use of oxy-hydrogen as the energy of the future.

For our utmost satisfaction the hard work and innovative approach were well recognized and as a result of this recognition our technology was patented in more than twenty countries worldwide thus covering about 45 % of the world’s population and about 50 % of the world’s economy GDP.

Our sustained R&D efforts are contributing to continuous improvement of HG2014 technology making it the perfect choice for power to heat, power to electricity, industry, households and transportation.




E-mail: hydrogenica@oet-energy.com


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