When addressing heating energy needs and aim for carbon neutral economy one must see the obvious – Oxyhydrogen is the ultimate solution.


Due to the characteristics of oxyhydrogen and state of the art design of HG 2014 electrolyzer our technology provides world’s best energy efficiency with 2,165 KWh of electricity consumed per cubic meter of Oxyhydrogen production with heat energy content of some 9 KWh.


Oxyhydrogen is not the only completely emission free heat option known but in comparison with all fuels that has fixed heat value and explode thus creating emissions Oxyhydrogen implodes therefore has huge emission reduction impact. In contrast with ordinary electrolyzers HG 2014 operates with all types of water including purified waste water thus providing unparalleled positive effects on clean water balance on the planet.


The modular design of HG 2014 allows scaling up integrated Oxyhydrogen producing systems to fit each and every client’s needs from district heating and heavy industry to small business clients and single households. The fact that each integrated system consists of multiply independent electrolyzes each equipped with state of the art computer control unit guarantees continuous mode of operation and complete safety during operation.


The fact that HG 2014 needs only two consumables - electricity and any type of water for Oxyhydrogen production and requires no storage and/or transportation makes it fit for any location while modular design allows easy and inexpensive relocation and upgrade.


HG 2014 is applicable to all kind of industrial and heating installations. A simple re-design of the existing installations is sufficient to make Oxyhydrogen primary energy source for such installations. When used in mixtures with conventional fossil fuels Oxyhydrogen provides revolutionary increase of energy efficiency, reducing dramatically emissions and conventional fuel consumption.


Hydrogenica’s HG 2014 can be used independently providing completely pure and very affordable source of energy.


With its unparalleled energy efficiency and emission reduction in combination with affordable pricing, durability and reliability HG 2014 is the heating solution of the future.




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